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Terms and conditions Songfestival.be

The website Songfestival.be is managed and owned by Songfestival.be vzw,  Wulpstraat 31 bus 7, 2170 Merksem, België. The purpose of this website is, as written in the articles of Songfestival.be vzw, to inform the general public about the Eurovision Song Contest and related news.

Songfestival.be is not responsible for any damage during or after a visit to the website.

At the Songfestival.be website, users have the opportunity to react to articles. We are not responsable for any insulting or damaging oppinions of our users. We keep the right to remove any damaging contributions.


Used pictures, logo’s, drawings, image- and soundfiles, movies and songs are, unless specified, not the property of Songfestival.be and are protected by copyright. These files are only used as illustration and to promote the artists and their work. Alle rights remain reserved to the authors. Songfestival.be will remove the content when requested by the author.

The contents of this website cannot be copied, translated, sold or edited in any case without agreement of the author and his copyright.


Users of this website kan leave replies on our website and our social media platforms. Registration is required. Songfestival.be collects and registers information about users, like emailaddresses, domainnames and IP-addresses. This data is not used for commercial purposes, only to manage visitordata.

Google Analytics is activated on the website, with the sole purpose to save general (not personalà information about visitors and users.

Songfestival.be will, under no circumstances, send this data to any third party.

Songfestival.be has the right to change these privacyconditions at all times, according to the privacy legislation. Songfestival.be advices its user to check these regularly.

In case a statement in these terms and conditions is illegal, then it won’t be longer part of these conditions.

For more information regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at info@songfestival.be.