Rotterdam 2020


Kandidaten, presentatoren en commentatoren reageren op afgelast Songfestival 2020

Wat al enkele dagen in de lucht hing, sloeg deze namiddag toch in als een bom. Het 65ste Eurovisiesongfestival in Rotterdam zal dit jaar niet doorgaan. Hieronder enkele reacties van personen betrokken bij het festival. Artiesten, commentatoren, presentatoren … Ze laten allemaal van zich horen.

Een huilende Eden Alene (Israël) toen ze het nieuws vernam.

De Letse kandidaat haar eerste reactie.

Jan Smit, één van de presentatoren, op Twitter.

Een van de andere presentatoren, Edsilia Rombley, reageert op Instagram:

Cornald Maas, expert en al jarenlang commentator voor Nederland:

Jon Ola Sand, de uittredend supervisor van de EBU. Hij legt uit waarom deze beslissing werd genomen en deelt ons mee dat we hier sterker zullen uitkomen.

De opvolger van Jon Ola Sand, de Zweed Martin Österdahl, reageert ook.

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As a former executive producer of the #eurovisionsongcontest I am heartbroken to hear yesterday’s news concerning ESC2020 in Rotterdam. My thoughts are with the Dutch team and all the people involved in preparations, as well as those involved in the difficult decision making behind this historical and tragic cancellation. Apart from being a force of good and loved show for millions of fans, ESC is also a magnificent collaboration. It’s a wonder that it exists at all and something we should care for and never take for granted. For all of you who have worked day and night for almost a year to prepare for Rotterdam, I have an important message from my own experiences: Because of its nature, the ESC project has given you the opportunity to stretch your minds and talents to their full potential. That’s a rare thing to be blessed with. The things you’ve learnt through the ups and downs of this mammoth project, has forever changed you, improved you as professionals and as human beings. The knowledge you’ve acquired and the friends you’ve made will stick with you forever. In the face of future challenges you will come out better equipped and stronger. Right now we need to care for each other and our societies, show kindness, gratitude and empathy. Whatever happens next, this is not an end. This is not the end of OUR show. With ❤️ from Stockholm #eurovision #esc2020 #openup

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– Reactie van de Zwitserse kandidaat Gjon’s Tears op zijn Instagram account.

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We of course respect the decision that has now been made. During the current emergency crisis situation that we are all in, the problem is bigger than the fact that we can’t go to Rotterdam. Of course, we are incredibly sorry on a personal level that we and our song are now not allowed to compete in the world's largest music competition after winning the Swedish competition. We’ve so looked forward to being able to represent Sweden with Move. We hope that people continue to listen to our song with the message that we can move mountains together, something that feels extra relevant today when everyone has to take responsibility and do the right thing. If we help each other in this difficult time, maybe something good can come from it in the end. Our thoughts go out to the organizer of ESC, who has worked hard in the head-wind. Take care of each other! – The Mamas

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Een boodschap van de Belgische commentator.

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Hopla. #eurovision #corona

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De (huidige) kandidaten van o.a. Nederland, IJsland en Noorwegen laten ook van zich horen.

Ulrikke begrijpt waarom deze beslissing moest genomen worden en zal samenzitten met de Noorse omroep om te kijken hoe het nu verder moet.

De kandidaat uit Kroatië laat weten dat hij uitkijkt naar het Songfestival 2021.

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Eurovision je ostvarenje mog sna i jedva čekam stati i zapjevati na toj velikoj pozornici jednog dana. U normalnim uvjetima Eurovizija je veselje glazbe u kojem uživa Europa i veliki dio svijeta. Nastup u prosjeku gleda 180 milijuna ljudi koji uživaju u glazbi i različitosti glazbe i kulture i to je ljepota Eurovisiona . Uvjeti u kojima se trenutačno nazali svijet nisu ni veseli ni optimistični, zastrašujući su i prioritet je sačuvati zdravlje sebe , svojih bližnjih i svih ostalih ljudi oko nas. Zato pozdravljam odluku i jedva čekam završetak pandemije , a onda i nastup na Euroviziji 2021. u Rotterdamu. Volim vas. Čuvajte se. . . . Performing on Eurovision is a dream come true and I can't wait to stand and sing on that big stage one day. Under normal circumstances , Eurovision is a joy of music enjoyed by Europe and much of the world. The show is watched on average by 180 million people who enjoy music and , diversity of music , culture and that is the beauty of Eurovision. The conditions in which the world is currently are neither cheerful nor optimistic, they are daunting and it is a priority to preserve the health of ourselves , our loved ones and all the people around us. That is why I welcome the decision of cancellation and I cannot wait for the end of the pandemic and Eurovision 2021 performance in Rotterdam. Love you all. Take care

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– Reactie van Vasil, de Noord-Macedonische kandidaat.

Elisa uit Portugal schrijft in een eerste reactie dat het haar spijt. Tegelijkertijd laat ze ook weten dat gezondheid het belangrijkste is en we allemaal voorzichtig moeten zijn.

De kandidaat van Frankrijk, Tom Leeb.

Dan is er nog Efendi uit Azerbeidzjan, die Cleopatra had gezongen.

Reactie van de Bulgaarse delegatie. Opvallend: Bulgarije kon enkel terugkeren dankzij onderstaande sponsor. Maar die trekt zich al terug. Mogelijke problemen volgend jaar?

Zangeres Senhit (San Marino) zegt het volgende:

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I am very sorry. As you know, the @eurovision 2020 has been cancelled. A painful but inevitable choice for our health. But the music stays and, nowadays, it can give us the strength to go on. #Freaky is a song to celebrate life, freedom, love in all its forms. Today, more than ever, we need to feel close to each other, to dance and to smile. Nevertheless, do not stop doing that. ? For this reason, in the next few days, I will share with you the choreography of #Freaky that I made together with @lucatommassinireal "cause life goes by too quickly now not be freakin up". ? Sono molto dispiaciuta. Come sapete @eurovision 2020 è stato cancellato.Una scelta dolorosa, sicuramente, ma forse inevitabile, per il bene di tutti. Ma la musica rimane e, in periodi come questi, ci può dare la forza di andare avanti. #Freaky è una canzone che celebra la vita, la libertà, l'amore in tutte le sue forme. Oggi, più che mai, abbiamo bisogno di sentirci vicini, di ballare e di sorridere. Nonostante tutto, non smettiamo di farlo. ? Proprio per questo motivo, nei prossimi giorni condividerò con voi la coreografia di #Freaky che ho preparato insieme a @lucatommassinireal “cause life goes by too quickly now not be freakin up". ?

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De Australische zangeres Montaigne:

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Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled. I’ve had my cry. I spent a couple of hours paralysed in bed, despondently scrolling through the many lovely tweet mentions from people expressing love and support. I imagine I’ll probably have a lot more cries in the next little while, for me and for the wonderful team who were working with me to make our vision come to life. But the truth is that cancelling #Eurovision this year is the most responsible and ethical decision that the EBU could have made. A decision they *have* to make. It is best that we all practice the measures that will stop COVID-19’s ravaging effects from going on any longer than they could. The team at Eurovision are still working through plans, as is SBS, so we will have more info to share soon. Thank you to @paulclarketv and everyone at @blinktvco and @sbs for making the process of devising a campaign for a Eurovision performance so easy and fun, for really listening to me and understanding who I am and wanting to figure out how to combine that with Eurovision. Thanks to Marko Panzic and Sasha Mutch who were an integral part of the second phase of staging, I wish we could have presented our ideas. Thank you to @WonderlickEntertainment who have always been there for me in more ways than one. Thank you to @SonyMusicAustralia and especially to @ollylbr for helping me through every overwhelming public moment and supporting me through everything. Thank you to my family, friends, and partner who have cradled me in the twinkle of their eyes. A tip of the hat to Eurovision fans who are so passionate, I know this is just as much of a loss for you as it is for me. And a final tip of the hat to the other Eurovision contestants this year who were working their butts off to make their dream come true. I’m sorry it turned out like this. I’m gonna try figure out how to make the best of this situation creatively, see if there’s something I can present to you, the fans, that will feel satisfying, or will feel anything like closure, or at least coping. I’ve got a lot of fucking time on my hands so. Let’s get to work.

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Litouwse inzending The Roop:

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THE ROOP press release about the cancellation of Eurovision in Rotterdam . Official news about the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision song contest reached THE ROOP. The band feels upset, yet understands that the current situation forces such decision. . “It is very sad; we don’t want to deny it. But health comes before any contests. We promise not to let our hands down and continue to promote our song and dance around the world. Currently the song is starting to reach foreign radio stations. We noticed that “On Fire” is very well liked and its path to people’s hearts is just beginning”, – says THE ROOP leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius. . The band calls everyone to remain united. Stay in quarantine and spread your good mood with “On Fire” dance at home and on your balconies. . “We managed to create something that unites people and spreads positivity. It is very much needed now. And remember that it is not the contest that gives meaning to the song, but the listeners. So, each and every one of us can be an “On Fire” ambassador and promote it”, – says THE ROOP drummer Robertas Baranauskas. . “This year Lithuania was rated very high and that is an achievement in itself. We already proved that we can be notable, brave, professional and leading. We wish all to remain that way in their lives,” – said THE ROOP guitarist Mantas Banišauskas. . The band is not aware of the future of the contest. Would they have an opportunity to participate next year, or will new selection take place? Everything will be clear in the nearest future. Currently THE ROOP members remain in quarantine and use their time at home for writing new songs. The band does not plan to slow down and will continue promoting their music. . THE ROOP wishes everyone health and unity in this difficult period. . Photo: Paulius Zaborskis #theroop #eurovizija #eurovision #theroopisonfire #onfire #STILLonfire #eurovision2020 #theroop #onfire #theroopisonfire #eurovizija #eurovizija2020 #esc2020 #esc

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Ben Dolic, de Duitse kandidaat voor dit jaar:

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Hey guys, I am absolutely devastated about the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, but in the view of this current situation it is the only right thing to do. No matter what, health simply comes first. In these hard times we have to take care of each other and stick together to overcome this crisis. Please stay safe and stay at home! Thank you for the support! I love you all! ❤ #stayhome _______________________________ Hei ihr Lieben, die Nachricht über die Absage des Eurovision Song Contest 2020 hat mich persönlich tief getroffen und ich bin unendlich traurig. Angesichts der Lage um uns herum ist die Absage aber das einzig Richtige. Egal, was geschieht, die Gesundheit geht einfach vor. In diesen harten Zeiten müssen alle aufeinander Acht geben und zusammen halten, damit wir diese Krise gemeinsam überwinden können. Passt auf euch auf und bleibt Zuhause! Danke für eure Unterstützung! Ganz viel Liebe für euch! ❤ #wirbleibenzuhause

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De Oostenrijkse kandidaat Vincent Bueno reageert in een filmpje.

Ook de Britse openbare omroep BBC, die James Newman als hun kandidaat geselecteerd had, reageert.

Onze inzending Hooverphonic liet ook een reactie optekenen.

De organiserende stad Rotterdam laat ook van zich horen op Instagram.

Tot slot heeft ook de regerende Songfestivalwinnaar gereageerd, Duncan Laurence, die nu twee jaar lang de recentste winnaar zal zijn en zo de langst regerende winnaar uit de Songfestivalgeschiedenis.

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I feel sad. From time to time even a bit lost these days. But I realize at the same time there are some things that we can’t predict, prevent or change right now. Things that go further then our powers. Above all, health is the most valuable thing for every living being. It’s something we should always take seriously. I just heard that the Eurovision can’t take place in May this year due to the COVID-19 virus. I know so many of you were looking forward to this beautiful event and so was I, but it’s the best decision for everyone’s health. Hopefully next year when the world is a bit more calm and a few steps further in healing. Hopefully when our hearts and minds can enjoy it just like we did last year and all those years before. Hopefully a little bit But for now… it’s time to focus on ourselves and most importantly our health. Stay safe❤. And let’s take a moment in the comments to share love. Do what you feel: share stories, tag loved ones, friends, family, let them know that even when the world gets a little more scary, love is still the answer.

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