#Whereismyhat?: Serhat looking for Piper of hat

* Automatically translated *

Serhat, the candidate of San Marino, with its swinging disco song I didn’t Know the audience bright dancing. Unfortunately, his song the jury nor the viewers delight and he stranded in the semi-final. Serhat, however, made a memorable move during his performance, he threw his hat in the cheering audience.

The Turkish singer Serhat had apparently already plans in advance with his hat, as he to the inside a personal message to the new owner left embroidery.

Currently, Serhat a campaign in which he goes in search of the new owner of the hat. He promises to have a surprise in store for the catcher if that makes himself known.

Did anyone see my hat? Actually someone caught it when I threw it from Eurovision stage to the audience. Ok then,let's…

Geplaatst door Serhat op maandag 23 mei 2016