Loïc Nottet’s ‘Rhythm Inside’ is Belgium’s best Eurovision song ever

After nearly three months of online voting through our Facebook page and website and two voting rounds, you have crowned singer Loïc Nottet and his 2015 entry Rhythm Inside as the ultimate Belgian Eurovision entry in history.

He persuaded all three juries (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia and the rest of the world) by obtaining twelve points thrice, whilst his Walloon Eurovision successor Blanche finished second with all three juries. Sandra Kim, Belgium’s only Eurovision winner thus far, has landed in third place.

Reaction by Loïc himself: ‘Thank you SO much for this prize! When I listen back to the first draft of Rhythm Inside and see where I am now, I fell so lucky. Eurovision was a huge human adventure, I learned so much about myself as a teenager! More than that, it brought me the best gift ever, a family. Thank you so much for following since 2015 and not forget about me! Thank you for the seamless support and thank you to the public who brings life to my songs by listening to it over and over again! Thanks to you all maybe they will be immortal one day! Bisous, Lo’.


The full result:

Loïc NottetRhythm Inside2015121212361
BlancheCity Lights2017101010302
Sandra KimJ'aime la vie1986776203
Tom DiceMe And My Guitar2010658194
Urban TradSanomi2003881175
Xandee1 Life2004444126
Kate RyanJe t'adore2006515117
StellaSi tu aimes ma musique198220798
Mélanie CohlDis oui199806069
Liliane Saint-PierreSoldiers of Love1987302510
Ann ChristyGelukkig zijn1975103411
Jean ValléeL'amour ça fait chanter la vie1978030312
Louis NeefsJennifer Jennings1969020213
Emly StarrSamson1981000014
Pierre RapsatJudy et cie1976000015

(Deelnemer(s) = Participant(s), Nummer = Song, Jaar = Year, VL = Flanders, BW = Brussels & Wallonia, RW = rest of the world, Totaal = Total, Plaats = Place) would like to thank everyone who voted from all over the world in the last days and months, and a special shout out goes to our friends from Wiwibloggs, who were kind enough to share our voting on their social media pages. Underneath you can find the total ranking, from 60 to 1:

1Loïc NottetRhythm Inside2015
2BlancheCity Lights2017
3Sandra KimJ'aime la vie1986
4Tom DiceMe and My Guitar2010
5Urban TradSanomi2003
6Xandee1 Life2004
7Kate RyanJe t'adore2006
8StellaSi tu aimes ma musique1982
9Mélanie CohlDis oui1998
10Liliane Saint-PierreSoldiers of Love1987
11Ann ChristyGelukkig zijn1975
12Jean ValléeL'amour ça fait chanter la vie1978
13Louis NeefsJennifer Jennings1969
14Emly StarrSamson1981
15Pierre RapsatJudy et Cie1976
16IngeborgDoor de wind1989
17Roberto BellarosaLove Kills2013
18Laura TesoroWhat's the Pressure2016
19Pas de DeuxRendez-vous1983
20Dream ExpressA Million in One, Two, Three1977
21ToniaUn peu de poivre, un peu de sel1966
22Philippe LafontaineMacédomienne1990
23Louis NeefsIk heb zorgen1967
24Lisa Del BoLiefde is een kaartspel1996
25Vanessa ChinitorLike the Wind1999
26Jacques ZegersAvanti la vie1984
27Nicole & HugoBaby, Baby1973
28Barbara DexIemand als jij1993
29Claude LombardQuand tu reviendras1968
30Robert CogoiPrès de ma rivière1964
31Jacques HustinFleur de liberté1974
33Jean ValléeViens l'oublier1970
34Bobbejaan SchoepenStraatdeuntje1957
35Lily Castel & Jacques RaymondGoeiemorgen, morgen1971
36Sergio & The LadiesSister2002
37ClouseauGeef het op1991
38Jacques RaymondWaarom?1963
39MorganeNous, on veut des violons1992
40Nuno ResendeLe grand soir2005
41Serge & Christine GhisolandÀ la folie ou pas du tout1972
42Axel HirsouxMother2014
43Bob BennySeptember, gouden roos1961
44Micha MarahHey Nana1979
45Frédéric EtherlinckLa voix est libre1995
46ReynaertLaissez briller le soleil1988
47Lize MarkeAls het weer lente is1965
48Witloof BayWith Love Baby2011
49Fud LeclercMessieurs les noyés de la Seine1956
50Bob BennyHou toch van mij1959
51Mony MarcLe plus beau jour de ma vie1956
52IrisWould You?2012
53Fud LeclercMa petite chatte1958
54IshtarO Julissi2008
55Fud LeclercMon amour pour toi1960
56The KMG'sLove Power2007
57Linda LepommeLaat me nu gaan1985
58Nathalie SorceEnvie de vivre2000
59Patrick OuchèneCopycat2009
60Fud LeclercTon nom1962

(Deelnemer(s) = Participant(s), Nummer = Song, Jaar = Year)