Junior 2015


Split results JESC 2015 known

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The EBU has exactly one month after date the split results released from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest by 2015. Both Malta and Armenia packed up the viewers at home as the juries gold and silver.

Last year, the organization behind the JESC even though the their results known, but this year there is even more transparency: as with the Eurovisiesongfstival can also the scores of each individual juror and voting country. That can be found on the official website of the Junior event.

At the following results should be made a few comments . The 50/50-rash, as given during the voting, has also the voices of the children’s jury and the standard twelve points where each country start. At the individual teelvoting and jury results, that is not the case, making the scores are lower. San Marino and Australia did not televoting, but their jury results are added to the compilation of the split list of televotingresultaten. Unlike in the Eurovision song contest, the five jury members per country also does not have full rank, but restrict them to putting together a top-10. That are all together added up to create the complete ranking of a voting jury.

Public and jury unanimously put Destiny from Malta on first and Mike from Armenia on two. Slovenia, Albania and Bulgaria especially appeal to the viewers at home could more than the jurors. The host country of the past JESC finished fifth at the public, but ended up second to last at the juries. The other way around, they saw more salvation in the entries from Australia, Italy and Netherlands. Shalisa finished ninth in the ranking of the juries, but was treated by the voting viewers on a Red Lantern.

The complete results:

Place Country Total Country Televoting Country Jury
1 Malta 185 Malta 143 Malta 157
2 Armeni ë 176 Armeni ë 134 Armeni ë 149
3 Slovenia ë 112 Slovenia ë 98 Belarus 101
4 Belarus 105 Albani ë 86 Slovenia ë 77
5 Albani ë 93 Bulgaria 77 Servi ë 73
6 Russia 80 Russia 65 Albani ë 69
7 Servi ë 79 Belarus 61 Australia ë 67
8 Australia ë 64 Servi ë 53 Russia 57
9 Bulgaria 62 San Marino 51 Netherlands 53
10 Georgi ë 51 Ireland 43 Italy ë 43
11 Ukrainian Bo ne 38 Georgi ë 41 Georgi ë 40
12 Ireland 36 Ukrainian Bo ne 35 Montenegro 21
13 Montenegro 36 Australia ë 32 Ukrainian Bo ne 19
14 San Marino 36 Montenegro 23 Ireland 19
15 Netherlands 35 (FYR) Macedonian ë 22 San Marino 15
16 Italy ë 34 Italy ë 13 Bulgaria 14
17 (FYR) Macedonian ë 26 Netherlands 9 (FYR) Macedonia 12

The island Malta picked up his second victory on the JESC on three editions of time. Or the country will organize next year the happening, is still unknown. Netherlands there is certain is that at is: the inscriptions of the Junior Eurovision 2016 are open.