Results first evening ‘ Sanremo ’

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Tonight went in Italy the 66th Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo , in recent years the traditional music event where the Italians also choose their songfestivalkandidaat. Ten artists came to bid and among other Laura Pausini and Elton John performed a guest appearance.

This year Italy choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest on the stage of the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo. From 9 to 13 February fights twenty artists or C for the ticket toward Stockholm. The country must immediately in the big final of 14 May.

Tonight was just the top six of the standings announced, without effective ranking or number of points. Performed tonight at: (in alphabetical order)

# Artist Number Points jury (%) (%) televoting Points Points total (%) Q?
1 Lorenzo Fragola Infinite volte 6:30 am 16.26 10.04 Q
2 Noemi La borsa di una donna 15.99 5.91 9.54
3 Dear Jack Mezzo respiro 3.44 8.83 6.13
4 Giovanni Caccamo e Deborah Iurato Via da qui 8.02 19.99 12.05 Q
5 Stadio UN giorni mi dirai 12.79 10.65 11.72 Q
6 Arisa Guardando il cielo 15.99 7.89 12.59 Q
7 Enrico Ruggeri Il primo amore non si scorda mai 16.99 8.41 11.17 Q
8 Bluvertigo Semplicemente 6.68 5.62 6.15
9 Rocco Hunt Wake Up 15.46 16.58 16.02 Q
10 Irene Fornaciari Blu 7.06 7.34 7.20


The presentation is in the hands of Carlo Conti, Virginia Raffaele, Madalina Diana Ghenea and Gabriel Garko. Among other Laura Pausini, Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo, Maitre Gims and Elton John will be present during the show.

Who the first evening of the Festival di Sanremo does not want to miss, can go on RAI1 via a live stream.