Douwe Bob tells all

* Automatically translated *

Whoever thought of that MADCAP adventures would experience in Stockholm, Douwe Bob amorous does not have it right. He has a steady girlfriend and promises her to stay true. Hence, on another way the adventure.

“I’m happy again in love, I have a very sweet girl found and am loyal to her,” said Douwe Bob. “I can lose myself in love, that can make people sometimes put off. I’ll very quickly very close, whether it’s love or friendship. Sometimes I walk something too fast and Yes, I have. At all if it turns out that those not in a relationship or friendship with the same intentions. Then breaks my heart. Yes, even when it comes to friends “, he says to VIVA. Douwe Bob makes no secret of the fact that he is bisexual . “I fall for seventy percent women, thirty on men. I fall just on one person “, it sounds. Meanwhile, the Dutchman having the time of his life in Stockholm. Wednesday he a nude photo spread and he went gambling in the casino.