Edsilia Rombley does a NAP on tv

* Automatically translated *

Edsilia anyway … The past week broke on a small commotion in Netherlands from when the singer a NAP did in the talk show De wereld draait door. They apologized afterwards expanded via social media.

Edsilia Rombley was with the Ladies of Soul to guest in the popular talk show De wereld draait door. They, Glennis Grace, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Candy Dulfer and Berget Lewis came there the dvd proposals of their past live shows in February.

The five ladies were the last to turn and thus had to wait briefly between the other public. The long days, the promo for the dvd and its theatre tour on roads which by Edsilia and they could not wake up anymore. Her eyes fell to regulated (from 9:30). What a lot of hilarity, but for which the singer also extended apologized. She was very tired, but it had been worse. ‘ Luckily my mouth not open, “she said afterwards.

Lig vanochtend lekker met mijn twee hummeltjes in bed te denken over wat me gister avond bij #DWDD is overkomen! 󾍔 󾌴…

Geplaatst door Edsilia Rombley op vrijdag 15 april 2016