Albania chooses first nine finalists, but makes them not yet known

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During the first show of the Albanian Festivali i Këngës music festival tonight the first nine numbers were chosen that should again next Sunday in the final. Which songs were chosen, however, we come to know only after the second semifinal.

The Festivali is already organized for the 54th time , and acts for the 13th time national final for the Eurovision song contest.  Come tomorrow again five ten songs, of which there are also nine will compete in the final on Sunday. A professional jury determines the rash, but exact results of the semi-finals are not released.

Today’s the jury consisted of the following guests:

1. Pirro Çako (singer & composer)
2. Helidon H (artist)
3. Ilirian Zhupa (poet)
4. Françesk Radi (singer)
5. Olta Boka (singer)
6. Susan Sopi (singer)
7. Alban Nadar (singer)

The songs performed were today are:

01. Pireci Murthy – Triumf
02. Simbol – Artiste
03. Dëgjoje – këngën o Atë Voltan Prodani
04. Adrian Lulgjuraj – Jeto dhe ëndërro
05. Sigi Bastri – Engjëll i lirë
06. Dennis Reka – Buzëqesh
07. Luiz Ejlli – Pa mbarim
08. Raj Hysi – Asaj
09. Orgesa Zaimi – oqean në Një shishe
10. Erga H – Monolog
11. Florent çdo Të ndjek Abrashi – hap
Në sytë e 12. Teuta Kurti – mi
13. Kozma Dushi – Një kafe
14. Zaimaj – Merrmë që Aslajdon sot
15. Egert Pano – Mos I

Officially launch the broadcast of tomorrow at 20 h 45 which is today also the case should have been. The broadcast of today is only really launched to 21 h 10. The broadcast is online . All the songs can already be heard on the special Eurovision website of the broadcaster RTSH.