Stockholm 2016


Ticket sales song festival starts Thursday

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Thursday 26 november start ticket sales for the Eurovision Song Contest by 2016. This reports SVT. Ticket sales will once again in parts.

SVT start Thursday at 10 am with the sale of the first 10000 tickets for the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm. It includes both maps for the live shows on 10, 12 and 14 may as for the corresponding dress rehearsals and jury shows. Once more is known about the Interior of the stage and the Hall, there will be more tickets sold.

The prices for tickets are still not all known. More details makes SVT tomorrow. However, it is known that there are tickets for 100 Crowns, about ten euros, can be bought. ‘ It’s great that the cards already for ten euros are for sale ‘, says producer Martin Österdahl. ‘ This gives everyone the chance to buy an unusual Christmas gift. ‘