Lys Assia predicts Douwe Bob place in the top 10

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As usual has good old Lys Assia announced in which twenty songs they the most potential. She has it at the good end?

For the very first winner of the Eurovision song contest Malta this year from Ira Losco may win the match with her song Walk On Water, (FYR) Macedonia thanks to the vocal violence of singer Kaliopi silver of Lys, France also sees them score. Netherlands also state in the list of the plucky Lady. Slow Down she sees in the top ten finish, while there is no trace of Belgium. Her homeland Switzerland sees them outside the top ten finish. Top favourite Russia treasure they also high in.

Nice detail: the past few years, the entries of San Marino, when every time written by Ralph Siegel, her bosom friend always high in the list of Lys Assia. This year, Siegel not of the party and it is on that song by Serhat is nowhere to be found.

The full top 20 of Lys:

1. Malta
2. FYR Macedonia
3. France
4. Serbia
5. Russia
6. Austria
7. Italy
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina &
9. Czech Republic
10. The Netherlands
11. Australia
12. Ukraine
13. Switzerland
14. Iceland
15. Israel
16. Bulgaria
17. Croatia
18. Poland
19. Sweden
20. Armenia

Dear fans of Lys AssiaThis morning, we’re happy to finally reveal the list you all have been waiting for! The Lys…

Geplaatst door Lys Assia op dinsdag 12 april 2016