Pronunciation of the EBU after examining Russian jury

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The EBU has via twitter that they has set up an inquiry after yesterday showed that the comments of the Russian jury yesterday were streamed live.

One of the five Russian jurors yesterday evening has seven minutes long via Periscope live broadcast a part of the jury of the first semifinal broadcast. The jury members from all participating countries on the basis of that broadcast, and determine if 50% of the final result. The performances by Douwe Bob from Netherlands and Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia are visible on a television screen, but what especially catches the eye are Russian-speaking comments about the songs.

The jury members are arranged in image and unabashedly their light shine. According to tweets would occur by Douwe Bob as ‘ cute but boring ‘ be described, and a juror expressed her preference for the Armenian song ‘ because her husband Armenian is ‘. Also the official voting form which they need to pass their rank, comes in the beginning of the movie.

The EBU left last night via twitter that the approximation will look into the incident. There is a risk that the Russian jury vote will be deleted, since it is quite sensitive to giving comments on the songs before the actual broadcasts. In Ukraine and Sweden were all jurors replaced because they had previously been publicly their opinions expressed about the songs.

This afternoon gave the EBU to give a definitive answer about the case. The juror that with name and picture came into the picture is deleted from the professional jury. Also its individual points are not charged. The four other jurors are not deleted from the professional jury, also their points remain valid. The public Russian State broadcaster are watching yet or they can find a new Member of the jury for the final show.