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The EBU has also decided that the associated EBU members are running to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. That can be read at Eurovision.tv.

On the page Which countries can take part?  is a small but significant change made to the text:

“The invitation to take part in the Eurovision song contest each year to all EBU members sent. Some choose to not get involved, most though. Associated EBU members may also be allowed to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. That is a case-by-case basis decided by the Reference Group, the governing body behind the contest. “

As a result, it seems that our analysis of some weeks back ever partly come true can be on soon. The EBU turn with this little rule change officially the door ajar for all its associate members. That there are 33 from 21 different countries worldwide, including Australia (already participate since 2015), the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, China, India and Kazakhstan, that for several years now want to join in, but that previously never should.

That does not mean that there are 21 new countries will make his debut next year in Kiev, but that a Eurovision participation of more countries far beyond the European continent is suddenly possible. Whether new countries have shown interest in the ESF 2017, is not yet known. So far 39 countries have indicated that they will be there next year, but there is no trace of debutants.