Adil A ‘ want to bring good news ’ with his song

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Who is going to Belgium for the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden? The race towards the song contest starts from Sunday 3 January with the very first live show. One of the candidates is Adil A. We sounded out to his preparations, but he remains vague on his song with which the artist takes part in eurosong 2016. In an interview with he let all that we can expect an intimate atmosphere during his performances. There are even rumours that his song will be in Dutch.

“I would prefer not to disclose too much about the song that I recorded have ‘, he begins our interview. If we continue to insist, wants a little something lost: ‘ The Adil is about the human in life, about hope. I want to with my song a good message. I want to tell my audience that we all will encounter obstacles in life, but in the end all that well. ‘

‘ Make people happy and they move us, that’s what it’s all about. My song was recorded in Belgium and Netherlands and is no real ballad, but you may also not upbeat. You can compare it hard with songs by other artists. It’s a mix, basically my own style, ‘ he says firmly. ‘ Of my act I make something intimate. ‘

Well-known producer 

Like the other candidates could also cooperate with well-known musicians Adil. His producer is a real winner. ‘ My song is a collaboration between many different musicians, but I of course had much ownership. Via via hit Bass Knowledge, pianist at BLØF, involved in the recording process. He is the producer of service. ‘ BLØF is a Dutch band which in recent years had a lot of domestic and foreign success. With the input of bass and knowing that Adil nowadays especially English songs, there are rumours that his contribution to the Dutch will sing. This had to correct, then it would be since 2008 since there a Dutch-language song in the Flemish selection for the Eurovision song contest.

It is thanks to the new approach of eurosong that Adil one of the participants in the preliminary round. He had no meaning in an elimination race, there he took part in the past. ‘ The whole adventure that eurosong , is very fun and intense. I really want to win and tell my story to a European audience, but I’m going in the first place especially try to enjoy the next few live shows. This year we are all winners. ‘