Belle Perez and Ameerah want without heat to Eurovision

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These two ladies we must not expect in eurosong 2016, they opt for an internal selection.

Belle Perez and Ameerah, Astrid Roelants for the friends, two singers who ever participated in the Flemish for round and many see in them suitable candidates to represent our country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Both singers see a participation still sitting, but rather want to be appointed. In an interview with told Belle Perez, who in 1999 and took part in eurosong2006, that they had the ‘ ‘ with the Flemish for round. Ameerah left via facebook know that they would consider a participation as they themselves with its own team for the song should. Ameerah under her own name in 2004 took part in eurosong 2004 and kicked it in the final.

A organize internally for round or choose your submission? It is a trade off that a lot of participating broadcasters. Choose the VRT again for 2016 for a preliminary round. This time with five candidates fighting for the ticket toward Stockholm.

Belle Perez during eurosong 2006:

In 2009, had a big hit with Ameerah The Sound Of Missing You