Laura Tesoro: ‘ My producer is musician with Depeche Mode ’

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Laura Tesoro out to score during the live shows of eurosong 2016. She wants to bring atmosphere on stage and her audience feel good. That she says in the interview that the singer had with ‘ I have long searched for the perfect number for Stockholm, but I luckily found! ‘, let us know. Her producer and songwriter are already large flap press.

The young singer sees her participation in the preliminary round as a once in a lifetime opportunity, where they could say no difficult. ‘ I see this as a big challenge, and I like that. This new concept of eurosong appealed to me right away. I took with The Voice just participated in a singing contest with eventual champions, that was now so not for me. Represent your country in such a popular television program is a great opportunity that I want to grab ‘, says Laura. ‘ I used besides the Junior Eurovision Song Contest closely followed, but to a participation is never come. ‘

Sunday we know how the possible Eurovision Song by Laura Tesoro sounds, but a quiet pop song we do not have to expect. ‘ My song sounds funky, with a soul. It is of course up tempo! I have searched hard to find the perfect song, but I luckily found. Through my participation in eurosong , I start thinking about what music I in the future if you wish to release artist. I just wanted to take my time so for, because it is an important choice. ‘

Depeche Mode and Selah Sue

‘ I have my song in its original version received through the team of VRT. I reworked it afterwards with Wouter Vivian (producer of Bandits and one of the men behind Iris ‘ Would You from 2012). Thanks to the VRT I could to London and there I have the song completely finished together with producer Peter Gordeno, which keyboarsdpeler at Depeche Mode is fixed. The song has so quite a process and now it’s completely like I want! ‘. Laura’s producer Peter Gordeno was also behind Lulu, Emma Bunton and Il Divo. To the latest news told Laura that Selah Sue for the text of her song made! Wrote Selah the originally for himself.

In the first live show Laura ran back and forth on the stage and left during her version of Düm Tek Tek even her dance moves . In the coming weeks she will for ambiance . ‘ Don’t worry, I’m going to make it all the way not boring on stage. I’m going to fill it with my enthusiastic performance! ‘

That other famous participant, Amaryllis ‘ won ‘ the first live show after a short vote, but Laura is not about about those results. ‘ Who can even play ‘ in our disadvantage , she thinks. ‘ It all depends on the next few weeks off of our own song, it can all over the place. even this year’s eurosong 2016 a little contest and then I go for profit, though! ‘