Eurosong 2016


Our experts have to say about ‘ In Our Nature ’

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This week let us two music experts the five eurosong-listen to songs and reviewing. Every day may you of showbiz journalist Jelle Banerjee and music reviewer Jon Vella a critical view on the potential entries. Today: Adil Abbey and its In Our Nature.

vierJelle Brans, journalist the latest news

We duimden in advance for Adil. Hip guy with a global footprint, a recognizable voice and a certain feel-good factor: you can take the worse in terms of Eurovision artists.

Unfortunately we stayed during our hunger In Our Nature fully. This is a number that is rippling begins, cosy, gentle flowing and knows that we, well, Yes, if ‘a little rippling‘ would dare. After a fourth listening we sat the chorus to sing loudly, but in Eurovision time is the calf by then long been drowned.

Good album track, but-again-much too ordinary. ‘ Adil has another week to add something to this number ‘, said BJ Scott. BJ anyway! As if those five poor sheep anything say of the VRT. Still laughed!

drieDennis Van Goethem, music reviewer Het nieuwsblad

Dime a dozen: that is In Our Nature in a nutshell. All the content of this song fits comfortable in a thimble. VRT went fishing once again into the bottomless pond of Idol-remnants. Catch of the day is this time Adil A. A mischievous lad, though, but in this number the Berchemnaar pretty lazy along on the waves of contemporary predictability.

A simple Avicii-tune, the obligatory ooh-Ooh’s and a refrain that is easily bullied, it’s an often recycled recipe for modest Earwigs. Just that pinch of pepper and spoon character missing here – again. Adolescent Flanders will Adil waiting to welcome – that amorphous voice seems but not in popularity sacrificing – but we recognize a blank box if we see one.

Yet it seems a logical EnvoyAdil: he can perform his song, begs for a rousing dance-Act and so he can feel free to aim in Stockholm on the right side of the leader board in Stockholm. But in the middle bracket oblivion soon lurks around the corner. Maybe a try at Dinner?