IRA Losco States “We are the Soldiers ‘ for

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During the last heat Malta’s Ira Losco, who last year proposed twelfth was for her homeland, her new single We are the Soldiers for. She also brought still Walk on Water and Chameleon, the song with which she first up and switching to Stockholm but then left.

Claudia Faniello follows Ira Losco as Eurovision singer for Malta. That last made during the show for a tasty break-act. First she sang an embellished version of Chameleon, with which they still had won the preliminary round in 2016. Then she released Walk on Water, the song she has sung on the last song festival in the end.

It was also looking forward to IRA’s new single, which is called We are the Soldiers. She sang the song for the first time live on television. The number will be on the new album of the singer.

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