P! nk helps Céline Dion to new single

* Automatically translated *

The new single of diva Céline Dion, the English-language Recovering, is written by another well-known super star: singer P! ink took care of the emotional text. Dion also bears this number on to her late husband Rene Angelil.

Recovering will on her new English-language album . Punishment, because her French-language cd is only just out. In the song the Canadian singer sings about how she picks up the thread again after the loss of her great belovedLittle by little, Rene: “day by day. One step at a time. Shake off the devil. Take back my piece of mind. I am recovering. ‘ P! nk is very happy that she was allowed to write a song for her colleague: ‘ I wanted to hear the pure soul of Céline. A song for her writing is such a tremendous honor, one of the largest out of my entire career. ”

The single is for sale via iTunes. Listen to the new song by Céline Dion: