Sandra Kim”like that everyone Jubilee ‘ J’aime la vie ‘ meeviert ‘

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This year it is 30 years since Sandra Kim won the Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium. Sandra is very happy with all the attention around this special anniversary. They never thought that the public after all these years still so its would like it. That she says in an interview that we had with her on the AntwerpPride. During our conversation she gives that they post still looks back with mixed feelings on her participation. ‘ I then had as a little girl no clue whatsoever what the showbiz world was! ‘ says the singer of the song J’aime la vie.

AntwerpPride invited this year no less than two Eurovision 2011 from on stage. Besides Dana International was also our very own winner Sandra Kim was a guest on the main market square.

Ons team ontmoet onze eerste (en enige) winnares op de Antwerp Pride.

Geplaatst door Songfestival.be op zondag 14 augustus 2016

We chatted with Sandra Kim about her special anniversary, about her biography that she recently brought out and about her feeling if it arrives at the Eurovision song contest.