So sounds Dami Ims successor for ‘ Sound of Silence ‘

* Automatically translated *

Dami Im has for the first time since Sound of Silence released a new single. For Fighting for Love she worked with the same team that for her Eurovision Song.

Dami, according to the national juries the winner of the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, choose again for a song full of power, although this new number anyway something bolder than Sound of Silence. Also changed her look, Dami stouter from what looks on the cover of her new single.

There is a good splash of electro to hear in Fighting for Love. She has worked with Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci of DNA Boys to this song, just as for her Eurovision Song. She hopes with that song again on what success abroad. In Australia she is since her success at the Eurovision song contest has become even more popular. She is going to give extra concerts in 2017 and Dami Im working on a new album.

You can legally download new song of the singer or streaming via Spotify.