Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

new versions released

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Like every year are going to get some numbers still a makeover before they officially be transferred to the EBU as the final entry for a particular country. So last weekend we were able to meet with the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland for gerevampte versions.

In the United Kingdom the number of Lucie Jones got a more modern key by building in some refreshments and music gears. The whole got an attractive modern video and this is by many ‘ experts ‘ already labeled as the best British entry since it’s My Time ‘ van Jade Ewan from 2009.

Never Give Up On You:


The number of Alma from France was transformed into a combined French-English version. In addition to the translation of some verses to English the song also got an alternate ending. If this benefit below the number. To the video was nothing changed, the new text of the song was on the old tape. At the English pieces you can see the singer so still in French lips.



Also in Switzerland, the song was Apollo Time belle ‘s in a more modern look. Also here we get an atmospheric setting in the video, wait how they create this atmosphere on stage in Kiev.