Danish vakjurylid blunder

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In Denmark is controversy because of the points assigned to vakjurylid Hall Heick. She has submitted her ranking vice versa whereby her favorite act came to be at the bottom.

The 69-year-old singer-songwriter Hilda Heick, which this year also the Danish for round presented from the green room, has blundered when she made her voice as vakjurylid. They gave to the Danish press Sunday morning that her ranking had to be interpreted the other way around . So she put Georgia on head, followed by Ukraine and Croatia. Those countries were just her least favorite entries. They gave her 12 points to Australia, followed by Russia, France and Netherlands, Belgium.

That has its consequences for points. Jamala from Ukraine got originally twelve points of the Danish jury, now there are no more. Australia now has twelve instead of ten points. It changes nothing to the winner. Ukraine remains number 1, but now with 522 points. Australia has 494 513 points, Russia. Belgium remains at ten with 181 points, the same number of points, and get three points at Netherlands and comes out on 156 points.

“It’s going to be a human error. Fortunately, does this affect the winner of the Eurovision song contest. For Ukraine makes it will Lundme out, “said Jan Lagermand, head of entertainment at the Danish broadcaster DR.