Candidates semifinals known

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The Portuguese broadcaster RTP has released the names of the candidates who take part in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest Festival da Canção. In the field of participants are no less than three winners of The Voice . Also the candidates of semi 2 are well known.

Fernando Daniel, Rui Drumond (photo) and Deolinda Kinzimba. Those are the names of the three artists who managed to win The Voice of Portugal . Another name that maybe a Bell does ring is Rui Drumond. He took part in the Eurovision song contest in 2005 already, at that time also in Kiev and acted as duo 2B. Their song Amar did not to reach the final.

The first semifinal will take place on February 19 and the second on 26 February. The aim of the show is now different. There were for 2017 composers that compose a song forests and there itself an artist to coupled. English-language songs are also permitted.

Discover the names of the participants for the first semifinal of Festival da Canção:

  1. Márcia
  2. Golden Slumbers
  3. Fernando Daniel
  4. Deolinda Kinzimba
  5. Rui Drumond
  6. Lisa Garden
  7. Salvador Sobral
  8. Viva La Diva

In the meantime the names for the second semifinal. Also here provided The Voice for many participants!

  1. David Gomes
  2. Lena d’Agua
  3. Beatriz Felício
  4. Pedro Gonçalves
  5. Helena Kendall
  6. Celina Da Piedade
  7. Jorge Abdelm
  8. Elisa Rodrigues