Disqualification in ‘Melodifestivalen 2016’

Today, Swedish broadcaster SVT released some clips of the rehearsals of the first preliminary of Melodifestivalen 2016. Singer Anna Book enters the competition for the fourth time, after competing in 1986, 1987 and 2007.

She will perform the Swedish song Himmel for två, written and composed by Sven-Inge Sjöberg, Lennart Wastesson, Larry Forsberg and Camilla Läckberg.


This clip shows striking similarities with the song Taking Care of a Broken Heart, from singer Felicia Dunaf. She competed two years ago in the national preselection of Moldova, but didn’t make it to the live shows. This song had also four composers, two of them were Sven-Inge Sjöberg en Larry Forsberg.


Update: Anna Book’s song has been disqualified. During a press conference Christer Björkman said it is very important that competing songs are not published before the approval of SVT. Consequently, the preliminary this Saturday will contain only six songs. A journalist asked if the performance will be replaced, but less than 48 hours before broadcast, this is not feasible.

The singer was asked to perform in the interval act, but she didn’t confirm yet if she will accept the invitation. According to Björkman she is still ‘too shocked’ to react.