Amir to Eurovision for France with ’ ’ ‘ J ai cherché

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Singer Amir H will represent our southern neighbors on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. That made the singer itself the world via twitter.

Last week picked up the French Touche pas à mon poste television program already out with the scoop, but on an official confirmation it remained still wait until today. And even then she almost two weeks early : the French delegation head had the announcement for Saturday 12 March, but by that date is apparently abandoned.

Amir H is of Israeli origin. In 2014, he was third in the French version of The Voicetalent show. In the same year appeared his only album as yet, the VayehiHebreeuwstalige.

We have suddenly been given also the submission. Amir will be last new single, J’ai cherché, in Stockholm. On a version of three minutes and a video clip is the wait, but there is already a video clip op YouTube. France takes as land of the Big 5 immediately part in Saturday’s final 14 May.

J’ai cherché: