This is Laura’s stage outfit

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Previously hit already known that Laura Tesoro on the big Eurovision stage carries a design of the label O’Rèn. During her rehearsal Saturday night she revealed the outfit.

And that has some away from what the young singer wore during eurosong 2016 . Earlier in the day, Laura shared through social media though a sketch of what the duo Michael Wachira and Nathan Murillo ontwerpten.

The outfit 󾍘🏼 #esc2016 #whatsthepressure #teamBelgium #teamtesoro love this drawing by Nathan Murillo

Geplaatst door Laura Tesoro op zaterdag 7 mei 2016

The designer duo already promised in the Belgian media that the outfit ‘ sparkling and sparkling ‘ and they have kept our word. It’s become a jacket with glitter and matching shorts. And also the top exudes a lot of glitz and glamour. Laura wears sneakers below. Her backing singers are stylish in white.

Geplaatst door op zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Laura was often seen in clothes of O’Rèn, that is 100% Belgian. Both the design and the clothes are made in our country and their love for Belgium they made also their trademark with slogans like ‘ Petit belge “and” Belgique Belchique ‘.