Sauma: ‘ I wish ‘ 1944 ‘ was never written ‘

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Jamala WINS with 1944 unexpectedly the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Her song was with the Favorites, but win that had not many expected. Also the singer not, if we on her look at the beginning of the press conference may go off.

‘ This was so crazy and so exciting, “she said. ‘ If you have the truth sings, then touches the people. ‘ 1944 is not only an apolitical number, it is also an impersonal number. ‘ It is for anyone who feels pain and sorrow. ‘ The singer also has a lot of turbulent periods. ‘ But you just have to believe in what you do. Even though you feel fear, you have to just go for it. ‘

They would therefore support everyone who has experienced pain and sorrow. ‘ When we had to prepare for the song contest, I often have to the soundtrack of Schindler’s List . That gave me hope and I hope that people can do the same for 1944 . Actually it would have been better, had never been written 1944 . ‘

New number

A journalist from the Crimea is extremely proud of its origins and Jamala from the same area. Or the Eurovision song contest on the Crimean organized, Jamala obviously not say yet. ‘ As long as it is in Ukraine. ‘ And also the LGBT community does not need to fear. We are safe, ask someone? ‘ Of course ‘, it is short and concise answer. We should also expect very quickly new work by Sauma. Even the day of the final she wrote a new song Let’s Come Together, inspired by the slogan of the festival. She is also working hard on her album.

After a final bizarre question by a Moldovan journalist or the singer a tour in Moldova, appeared Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand. Sauma, ‘ you have a unique evening made for Europe, “it said. ‘ We have you followed for two weeks and you now see this result drop with enormous support of the juries and the public. We are very proud. “