Laura Tesoro in first half of final: ‘ Oh no, then I have to get up early ‘

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Yes, we made it! May our country for the second year in a row to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. And for the second year in a row we had to wait until the very last moment. But the euphoria is great, at Laura Tesoro and the other nine new finalists. So much was clear at the press conference after the show.

Laura came last in the first, but was interviewed. ‘ I had to wait until the very last moment and I thought for a while that we would get to it ‘, said our young spring-in-‘t-field. “But I’m so happy. I’m three times from the seat in the green room cases. ‘

A Belgian journalist with two left feet she got the question to her dance steps for doing so. And she did, with a big smile. And her outfits make an impression on the international press. She wore her sweater with ‘ Belgique Belchique ‘ and got the question that slogan to explain. ‘ Well, so am I dressed chic and comfortable at the same time. ‘ They drew after a place in the first half of the final. ‘ Oh no, then I’ll have to get up early. ‘

Jamala from Ukraine at the press conference if flowers and a lot of presents from her homeland. They told the press that she instructs her performance tonight to her grandmother, about who the song is, and to all the people in the Crimea and in her country. Then drew them a place in the second half.

Laura was not the only enthusiast on the press stage. Poli Genova from Bulgaria also could not conceal her joy. “Five years ago I was sitting in the semi-finals and I went not by ‘, was the Declaration. The Bulgarian press sees the already great because they asked her if she now after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest also is ready to present the real song festival. By the way, did you know that they are the Junior Eurovision Song Contest logo tattooed on her left arm? Poli will occur in the first half of the final.

A beautiful gift

And let’s not forget Im Dami. Her family in Australia is at 5 am in the morning, stood up to her live working. After her performance she is in tears erupted backstage by all the support they got from its surroundings, but also of the public. They should Sound or Silence her again Saturday, in the first half of the final.

The Georgian candidate was not a lot of say, but sits in the second half of the final. Donny Montell from Lithuania may, after his participation in 2012, another look at the final and will this time in the second half. The Serbian Sanja Vucic is sitting next to her ‘ good friend ‘ Hovi Star from Israel. The two are become close during the many preview concerts of the Eurovision song contest. Sanja will occur in the second half, Hovi in the first half. The singer loves it that he by mag: ‘ today is the Israeli public holiday and I’m very happy that I can give them this gift. ‘

Michal from Poland Szpak put a very emotional act down tonight. That he may do it again Saturday, in the first part of the final. Finally there was Justs from Latvia. He has opened the second semifinal and was first called as a finalist, but whether he is also the first final Saturday will open? No because he acts in the second half.

The exact running order will be announced within hours.

LandPlaats in finale
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GeorgiëTweede helft
OekraïneTweede helft
BulgarijeEerste helft
AustraliëEerste helft
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