Dutch candidate may already be known in October

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There is a persistent rumour that AVRO bunch of plan for its candidate for the Eurovision song contest by 2016 in October. A tweet from Dutch Eurovision expert Richard van der BYL feeds the speculations. Chances are that the choice has fallen on Dotan.

In Netherlands they were there in the past two years, ever asked to disclose their songfestivalkandidaat. Trijntje’s name was announced on 10 november, while we in 2014 on november 25, found out that The Common Linnets to Copenhagen would decline. Would the plan now on the table to the name for 2016 already publicly in October.

Richard van der BYL, journalist at the associated press and author of the Great Song festival book, thinks we will soon know who sends to the Netherlands Eurovision song contest.

The most common name is that of Dotan. The singer was in the running last year, corresponding to the tweet by Richard van der BYL. AVRO BUNCH has no comments yet.