Nisar Ahmad WINS Norwegian ‘ Melodi Grand Prix ’

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In Norway was during the final of Melodi Grand Prix singer Nisar Ahmad awarded with the ticket for Sweden.

Agent could get in the super final of three other acts with her song Icebreaker. That got more than double the number of votes of the televoters than the runner-up Feel the Rush by Paul Kalas.

In the first round names ten songs against each other were the four highest placed by televoting numbers chosen to compete against each other in a super final. The results of this second round was also completely determined by televoting.


The complete results you can see in the table below.

# Artist Number Q
1 Hungry Hearts ft. Lisa Dillan Laika
2 Stage Dolls Into the Fire
3 Stine Hollow Ulla Traces
4 Makeda Stand Up
5 Pegasus Anyway
6 Freddy Kalas Feel Da Rush Q
7 Laila Samuels Afterglow Q
8 Elouiz History
9 Suite 16 Anna Lee Q
10 Nisar Ahmad Icebreaker Q

Last year Norway bumped through to the final with the song A Monster Like Me by Morland and Dawn Scarlett. They ended up on a 8th place.