Soldiers of Love ’ … ‘ to Eurovision for Denmark

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The final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 is just won by the Group Lighthouse X. Soldiers of Lovewith the song the trio will represent Denmark at the upcoming Eurovision song contest in Stockholm.

The final was finished with ten songs, of which the top-3 based on 50% jury vote and televoting securing the win to the super final. It just had the public. With 42% of all the votes in the super final, won the men’s trio Lighthouse X, consisting of Søren Bregendal, Johannes Nymark and Martin Skriver. Thus defeated the Australian Anja niches and the Danish Simone.

The final result:

# Artist Number % votes Place
1 David Jay Rays of Sunlight
2 Simone Heart Shaped Hole 22 3
3 Bracelet Breakaway
4 Sophia Nohr Blue Horizon
5 Veronicas Illusion The Wrong Child
6 Lighthouse X Soldiers of Love 42 1
7 Kristel Lisberg Who Needs a Heart
8 Jessica Break it Good
9 Muri & Mario To stjerner
10 Anja Nissen Never Alone 36 2

Lighthouse X is a competitor for Laura Tesoro, because the Danes just like the Belgians take part in the second half of the second semifinal, on Thursday 12 May.

Soldiers of Love: