Top 250 2020

TOP 250 2020

Relive the ESC Top 250 2020 on OUTtv

The Eurovision Top 250 is held every year on December 31 as a collaboration between and ESC Radio. We can now inform you that we are taking it one step further. This year you can watch the ESC Top 250 2020 again on OUTtv. Even better news is that our website is entering into a long-term partnership with the channel.

Before the panic hits, the ESC Top 250 as you know will remain in place. On December 31, 2021, ESC Radio will broadcast the new edition and in early January 2022, OUTtv will bring this edition to your television screen, both in collaboration with our website of course. We hope to appeal to an even larger audience and to give the fans even more Eurovision. More information about this unique collaboration will come at a later moment.

The ESC Top 250 on OUTtv

As said before, you can enjoy the ESC Top 250 of 2020 on OUTtv this year warming up for Eurovision 2021. The first episode, in which our editor and coordinator of the ESC Top 250, Gunther, will give a brief explanation, will be shown on May 3 at 22.00h. From then on, a one-hour show can be seen every day.

OUTtv honours Eurovision

In addition to various Eurovision concerts, music videos and docu-reality programs such as Netta Queen of ESC and Conchita Unstoppable, the eight-part OUTtv original series Krista’s Road To Eurovision will make its debut on the channel. Here, Krista Siegfrids (ESC 2013), together with the Belgian Eurovision reporter Jens Geerts and the Dutch connoisseur GJ Kooijman, searches every week for answers to the question: what makes the European music spectacle so fascinating? In it they talk to some Eurovision experts, including our own editor-in-chief, Jonathan.

You can watch OUTtv in the next countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.