Douwe Bob gives critics tit for tat

* Automatically translated *

Douwe Bob, the Dutch candidate for the Eurovision song contest in may, is a rasartiest and left via facebook know that his songs are pure nature.

While Douwe Bob in the studio hard working on his song he posted on his facebook page for Stockholm, a video in which he skeptics in the grind. Some people even claim that there fiddling with his voice in the studio.

Douwe Bob gave recently in an interview that he finds it regrettable that not everything can live in Stockholm. “I still have to get used to the idea that I will not live to play guitar. That feels like betrayal. I’m a live musician. It is also so cool that everything just with an orchestra was used. There you can get so much more with it. You hear and feel it is different. That can not anymore. Everything is electronic music ‘, it sounds.