Glennis Grace family feud fight out in the media

* Automatically translated *

In Netherlands is there these days is a lot to do around Glennis Grace that through the media is at odds with her mother and aunt.

The media smear campaign was unleashed when Glennis Grace in a magazine who benefited most to her mother. ‘ Recently, I realize that my childhood was not normal. My mother’s hands were loose, they abused me. The fear I’ve had for my mother, that may happen to ‘ no child, said the Dutch Eurovision singer of 2005.

‘ It’s a scandal what is happening here. It’s like her father who was never there for her ‘, responded Wilhelmina Becht, the aunt of Grace. ‘ Actually, the roles have reversed. Glennis is the agressieveling in the story. She has her mother in June of last year kicked in the belly ‘, it sounds.

That was immediately denied by Grace. ‘ It was not my intention to unleash a familierel, I hope it ever good comes ‘, according to the Dutch singer who on 19 February in the Antwerp Sportpaleis will act as one of the Ladies of Soul, together with Natalia.