Liliane Saint-Pierre sings about refugees

* Automatically translated *

A thousand miles, so hot the brand new single from the eternal soldier of love. A single with a topical theme. On the website of the singer to read that the song is about the thousands of refugees who flock to Europe. “I myself am a sentimental man, but I don’t want any false sentiment calls, now my disagreement about the sad fate that these people defies. I’m a singer, so I try to do that with a song, “says Liliane.

A thousand miles is on Daylight, the album that the singer released a while ago. The song was written before the refugee crisis. The singer is there also be honest about it. ‘ The risk with this type of singles is that you as an artist can be suspected of wanting you to get their share of the attention following the refugee issue. But that’s not my motive. On the contrary, there are already far too many victims. Exactly that I sue. A thousand miles was in the running for as single to come out because it is a favorite of myself and my musicians. ‘

The song is off at iTunes and Spotify.