’ ‘ Melodifestivalen: Anna Book brings disqualified song officially out

* Automatically translated *

Now the song is out of the race, Mrs Book finally brings them Himmel för two still officially out as single.

Media attention from home and abroad, no better way to to score a hit with your disqualified song. Anna Book that must have thought when she decided to make her Melodifestivalen-song, that is clearly plagiarism, right from iTunes and through other channels. Not surprising, because after the great scandal was her rehearsal movie for more than 37000 views on Youtube, no candidate does better. A hit so.

Also Anna’s record company jumps eagerly on the cart, because they have the full song even put online on Youtube.

The song of the singer has clear similarities with the song Taking Care of a Broken Heart, by singer Felicia Dunaf. That took part in the selection in Moldova two years ago, but took out the live shows. SVT disqualified the song therefore.