Petra Fellow in the clinch with David Hasselhoff

* Automatically translated *

The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet message about an angry tweet from ex-Baywatchstar David Hasselhoff to Petra which this year for the second time the song festival will present.

Also on Monday the Guldbaggegala fellow talked to each other, the award show in which Swedish film prizes will be awarded. Hasselhoff, also known for the series Knight Rider, should perform a guest appearance because he had appeared in the Swedish film Kung Fury.

After his performance mounted the stage and thanked them again the Petra Fellow actor on her own way: ‘ thank you, Mr. Hasselhoff, it was a … experience in order to have you here ‘, after which they significantly her throat cleared, to joy of the audience.

Hasselhoff of course not left it at. In a now deleted tweet was picked up, which of course, he fulminated:


Medes note here falls back.