Sieneke finds the hole of the door

* Automatically translated *

The new single of singer Sieneke got a very notable title, the hole of the door. Sieneke sings that she has had enough and points her lover the door.

The time the singer on the song contest of 2010 was about to singing, is been a while behind us. After the song contest, she began to deliver real tearjerkers as only Dutch people that can. Her new life song is about a woman who has had enough of her partner.

First asks Sieneke still aloud whether the food was too cold for her boyfriend, but then it is enough. ‘ There is the hole of the door, you can go. Pack your stuff and find something better. I am now done talking, so I throw you on the street. Apologies are too late ‘, sings the young mother firm. The polonaise begin! Who who like to start at home can go to iTunes.

At this brand new single a video clip. In that clip, we see how a girl her friend … the hole of the door.