Single announces new album Ira Losco to

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IRA Losco 2015 close off with a new single and video. With Haunted By Love she announces the arrival of her new album, Love Me or Hate Me .

The Maltese singer brings with Haunted By Love a drum ‘n’ bass number. She worked an entire summer on new material for album Love Me or Hate Me. ‘ Of this song we knew immediately that it was the first single from the new cd would forms ‘, says Losco on her facebook page. ‘ The whole album will be full of surprises, but remain within the popgenre. ‘

In 2016 we will still hear from Ira Losco. After her Eurovision success in 2002 with 7th Wonder, they once again her chance in the Maltese heat. She takes part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the numbers that’s Why I Love You and Chameleon (Invincible).