Zlata Ognevich get on in Ukrainian Parliament

* Automatically translated *

Zlata Ognevich, which in 2013 a third place in the Eurovision song contest in Malmö with the song Gravity, has announced that she is departing Ukraine in her country as a member of Parliament.

In October 2014, she was elected as a member of the pro-European Radical Party. A year later she is bitter about her experience. During a parliamentary session she said: ‘ I did not come in this House for a mandate, nor for privileges. I came as a citizen who saw a new path for Ukraine. But now I see that when there is no culture is, it is much easier to control and manipulate people. ‘

Ognevich was in the radical party and Parliament stepped at the request of party leader Oleh Lyashko, which ‘ also the young, smart and beautiful people ‘ wanted to see sit in the Verkhovna Rada, or the Supreme Council, the official name of the Ukrainian Parliament.