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Eurovision outfits: vote here for the ‘You’re A Vision Award 2023’

Voting for the You’re A Vision Award 2023 is opened! You get to decide who had the most striking outfit of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and made a big impression on you one way or the other. You can vote until May 21, noon.

Vote here for the You’re A Vision Award 2023:

‘You’re A Vision Award 2023′ voting

Every year, the You’re A Vision Award is awarded to the candidate who, thanks to the outfit the artist was wearing, caught your eye. What exactly stands out is up to the voters. It can range from a stunning but simple costume to a fire-breathing dress.

Which outfit caught your eye, who stood out? That’s what the You’re A Vision Award is all about. Learn more about the You’re A Vision Award here:

Wat is de ‘You’re A Vision Award’?

All participants in this edition of Contest have a chance to win the award. In the meantime, we have spotted some contenders! Find out who they are:

Dit zijn mogelijke kanshebbers ‘You’re A Vision Award’