ALGEMEEN distances itself from ‘Eurovision Top 250’ on OUTtv

As an annual tradition, the official Eurovision Top 250 was broadcast on ESC Radio on December 31st. This website,, organises and coordinates this popular list among Eurovision fans. OUTtv has recently started its own list under the same name. The channel does this without our cooperation, support or approval. With this statement we would like to emphasize that we, the entire editorial team of and together with ESC Radio, distance ourselves from OUTtv’s list.

We have repeatedly tried to contact the team of OUTtv by both mail and telephone, but without reply. We therefore have no explanation ourselves why the channel no longer broadcasts the Eurovision Top 250 as aired on ESC Radio but chooses to organise its own vote. The OUTtv list stands therefore completely separate from the official Eurovision Top 250, broadcasted on December 31, 2021 exclusively on ESC Radio. not only distances itself from this new vote, we also emphasize that we are not involved in compiling the list, checking the votes or promoting it. We regret this state of affairs and will not work with OUTtv anymore in the future.

The real list, where Eurovision fans eagerly vote for and listen to on New Year’s Eve, will of course be available again on December 31, 2022. Just like last year, we hope to count a record number of votes.

Team Escradio