DSVS: Our experts have to say about Australia, Ireland & Israel

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In the first episode of the triptych of this week takes us zeskoppig expertenpanel the songs from Australia, Ireland and Israel.

AUSTRALIA: Dani Im – Sound of Silence


Stijn De Guzman: Again no Minogue on the Eurovision stage, but with Dami Australia shall issue another Im diva. Vocal, no idea if they also britches. Sound of Silence is a solid song that like the playlist of Q-Music seems to be picked. The victory of Loreen in 2012 without a doubt still lingers after in your submission. Itself I walk there (yet) no natural but I would not surprised if the ESF-caravan next year need to move to Sydney.

Fabian Faber: When turn on the number, it has me though from the beginning. The voice and the song Forms a single whole, to argue. This is the song that will eventually get the top 5? No idea. For many Eurovision fans this number will just not enough refresh, or trigger. For others the recognition will be the deciding factor. Australia must this year through a qualifying round to see his place in the final, and that will not be narrowly or narrowly.

Fabio Ponente: Here I have really no words for … This song is sweeping all the way through it my body, to the bone. The song is super, the voice is great and Dani Im is a handsome appearance. The Russians must be careful with this.

Roy Van der Merwe: A big improvement over their first submission from last year. This is of course no classic as the eponymous song by Simon & Garfunkel, but Dani has a strong voice, and the song keeps your attention. Too bad they don’t have a line in the Korean sings to make it really exotic.

Ellen Volders: This singer earlier won the Australian version of X-Factor, so it’s no surprise that the Sia-like power ballad Sung is good, but the song let me completely cold. There is little original or refreshing. It does have a great Eurovisonvibe and I expect they will do it not bad on the Eurovision song contest – and the bookies together with me – but I do not believe in a victory there. Give me then but Sia itself.

Ireland: Nicky Byrne – Sunlight


Stijn De Guzman: A few years ago now Blue, Westlife, a man can but hope that there will ever be a Spice Girl warming for the Eurovision song contest. Over to the song: Sunlight is ideal for to act as background music in a commercial from a summer or other car giant that wants to launch a new model. That being said, if all their mobile phone for him as Baba nostalgic whales , it will be in the final.

Fabian Faber: After several blunders, I am thinking of a plush Turkey, Ireland still want to even attempt to do to score on a Song festival. Though the song just to dated I fear. For Ireland the ideal opportunity to an old acquaintance of covered in dust. Or this recycling was a good idea, I doubt a little. However, it will be on a lot of votes can count of heavy verheesde women who ten years ago as a young girls their vocal chords have cried hoarse

Fabio Ponente: A very happy song with a fun and refreshing melody. But if I may being quite as stringent: this is absolutely nothing new. As far as I am concerned is Ireland is certain to win the finals, but they will not.

Roy Van der Merwe: This song has all the necessary sunshine in my life. The song is very catchy, and I am convinced that the Irish will do well. Nicky has a pleasant voice, is fairly attractive and would the Måns Zelmerlöw this year . Having regard to its past as a member of Westlife, he should be able to count on a large fan base to vote.

Ellen Volders: Ireland goes for his eighth victory with ex-West Life singer Nick Byrne (where is the time?) Sunlight is a very safe and boring number. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not going to be maintained in the whole range of songs. But perhaps his fame to his advantage, who knows. But fame is not always a plus, ask that to Engelbert Humperdinck (which represented the United Kingdom in 2012 and 25e was, ed.).

Israel: Hovi Star – Made of Stars


Stijn De Guzman: The Israeli Hovi Star looks like a younger version of Anohni by Antony and the Johnsons.  His voice qualities I find unfortunately less inspiring. Inspiring is also not an adjective I would use for his song. It comes quickly get bored and so halfway through the number sagging my attention and I began to wonder what the Privacy Commission would think of all those drones in the video clip.

Fabian Faber: The song starts in one way or another, with a dose of curiosity. You feel of very early in the song that this song will let it wait for a late explosion of power. And as expected the song explodes , but for me just a little too late to keep. I’ll give this number however, the benefit of the doubt because we only at the Song festival itself will be able to judge how they will fill that ‘ waiting ‘

Fabio Ponente: Yes, this I find very nice. Especially in these difficult times sings Hovi very beautiful words. I am touched by the emotions that the number. I’m also a fan of the construction, and especially of the present drama content. Hovi is a nice artist where are competitors for sure have to be careful.

Roy Van der Merwe: Last year I was in the minority because I didn’t like Golden Boy , and now I’m in the minority because I Made of Stars is good find. I know some say it’s what to monotonous and repetitive, but there are a lot this year and far worse numbers. I don’t dare to predict whether Israel will get the final or not, but the last place will the country be able to escape anyway.

Ellen Volders: A beautiful message in the song, though. We are all equal, made of stars and we have to overcome our differences. Not bad, but not a candidate for the victory according to me, I am wondering how the particular Hovi on stage will appear.

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