Amaryllis Uitterlinden: ‘ My song is happy and musical ’ earworm!

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The most experienced candidate of eurosong 2016 is without a doubt Amaryllis. She is still preparing for the three upcoming live shows. She grabs the Grand and professional. Reinhard Vanbergen of Das Pop is the producer of her song and her outfits are created by Tim Van steenbergen. In a fun interview with the singer and actress talks about her participation in the Flemish for round.

‘ I was asked earlier to take part in eurosong‘, she begins our interview. ‘ This time was the timing and my gut feeling good. With this new concept leaves everything out ourselves as an artist. We get all five a platform to be ourselves on creative plane. ‘ Also the support of her parents, in particular those of her father, has played a role in her choice: ‘ I appreciate enormously their opinion. My dad has always said that I should participate at the song festival. He says you there with a good song can mean something. But you may end up only to take part in such a show, if you want to really like yourself. I stand 100 percent behind, “says the singer.

Founder Das Pop is a producer

It is clear that the young lady her father do not want to disappoint. She has advocated a strong song. ‘ Producer Ryan Vishwanath Das Pop ‘s gave me a downright fantastic music arrangement with strings. Since I had previously even dream! My song I have written and I describe it as very musical and happy. An earworm. The song has a universal theme. ‘

‘ I have of course thought of my act and attire. There’s going to be sure what happen on stage! I am also an actress and would like to play off. You already have but three minutes on that big stage, then you should ensure that you take the audience into a story. Tim Van steenbergen ensures my stage outfits. ‘

‘ I would like to win ‘

Amaryllis Uitterlinden is together with Laura Tesoro the most famous participant to eurosong 2016, she sees that as an advantage? “I would of course like to win, but I’m realistic enough to realize that you’re with a public vote never know which way it will go. I’m going there now all for power and will take advantage of the experience I’ve gained in different areas, ‘ says they clear.