‘ eurosong 2016 ’: three shows, final on 17 January

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Today organized the VRT a press conference about eurosong 2016. The names of the five candidates you could read on this website earlier, but now we know more about the concept of the Belgian Eurovision heat.

The VRT opts for a whole new concept, which has been described as ‘ a musical trajectory for five young top talents accompanied in their artistic development. One-network manager Olivier Goris: ‘eurosong 2016 is an investment in a hopefully long-lasting and successful future of young musical talent in Flanders – and perhaps beyond. ‘

The five participants were compiled by a team of music experts of the VRT, consisting of Gerrit Kerremans, Els Gemonpré, Hans Snijders and as a consultant Christopher Cameron, manager of among others Gabriel Rios, Selah Sue and Novastar. They also all five get coaching, by sounding names like Lady Linn, Geena Lisa and Ish Ait Hamou. At the press conference it was confirmed that the five songs in the running at present still not off.

Striking fact: all five candidates come from the province of Antwerp.

Only Peter Van de Veire eurosong 2016 talk to each other. He is no longer being assisted by his sidekick Eva D. The preliminary round will be held in January 2016 , with three shows. Which take place on Sunday 3, 10 and 17 January, on One. All transmissions come directly from television studios in Ribbon. The one-time trip to the Sports Palace in 2014 is not repeated.

In the first show, on Sunday January 3, show the five participants their abilities as an artist. They sing than a cover of another song.

In the second show, on Sunday 10 January, they all five live for their new song with which they participate in eurosong 2016, but without act. There is again not vote.

Finally, in the third show, on Sunday 17 January, they all deliver a finished act, such as those at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm to see also. There are ten European juries, which together with the One-viewer decide who wins eurosong 2016 .

This week there will be every morning between 6 am and 9 am one of the five candidates join MNM, in the big Peter Van de Veire morning show. Tom was already a guest this morning.

On the YouTube channel of One is the trailer put online: