Tom Frantzis works with producer ‘ Rhythm Inside ’ to number

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Tom is in the Belgian race to the Eurovision Song Contest. A very exciting experience for the young man with Greek roots. His participation in eurosong 2016 is his baptism of fire, because he has never before on in a television program. He works hard on his contribution. ‘ I want to for a group sensation ‘, says Tom in an interview with We also come to know with whom he worked to his song.

The team behind eurosong 2016 for a good framework, because the candidates may work with known, professional music makers. Tom Frantzis partners with producers Shameboy (Luuk Cox) and Yves Gaillard to his potential Eurovision Song. Shameboy was also the producer of service with Rhythm Inside of Loïc Nagashima and Gaillard worked already for Hadise, Kate Ryan, Lea Rue, Stan Van Samang and Registry.

For Tom, it’s a crazy experience: ‘ I have with people allowed to work together where I used could only dream of. I am very involved in the whole creative process, but it is nonetheless a capital gain if you can work with multiple musicians on a song, so you can go wider. ‘

Tom will no ballad, but choose a cheerful sound. ‘ My song will very energetic . I want to create a group feeling on stage. If you hear my song, you’ll want to sing along. Therefore that it is also very very up-tempo. The act will be very ‘ Tom ‘ and especially not to theatrical, that is nothing to me. ‘

Frantzis is a relatively unknown member of the Flemish of course for round and hopes for a breakthrough. ‘ I want to eurosong like to win, all of us by the way. I dream to build a career as an artist and this show gives me lots of opportunities. ‘

Is he ready for the big Eurovision Song Contest? ‘ I know that, when I go to the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, I go on a very large stage will end up and I’ll admit that I stress there for have ‘, said Tom about that (possible) big step in his fledgling career. ‘ But that I have with all the things I do for the very first time. I want one cool show. ‘