Is Sandra Kim singing in ‘The Masked Singer’?

The show The Masked Singer goes viral worldwide in terms of viewing figures and after a long wait, the first season has also started in Belgium. Participants sing a song in a special, and beautiful costume and to the judges to guess who’s underneath the mask. We think that one of the candidates may well be a well-known Eurovision star. Do you want to know which former participants of the Eurovision Song Contest have already taken part in the show? Then be sure to read the entire article.

During the first episode of The Masked Singer on Belgian tv-channel VTM, eight candidates were introduced. One of them immediately caught the attention of many viewers and our editors. The Queen stunned everyone with her perfect rendition of Unstoppable, originally sung by Australian singer, Sia. Obviously a good singer and if we listen carefully, we might hear the voice of Sandra Kim, our only Belgian winner. Watch the full clip below and judge yourself.

Which Eurovision stars participated around the world?

In Israel the first winner popped out of a costume. Non other than Izhar Cohen was behind the mask of the Taurus. He won in 1978 with the song A-ba-ni-bi.

In Austria, the season was won by the Yeti, none other than Nadine Beiler. Nadine participated in 2011 with the song The Secret Is Love and ended in eighteenth place.

Also in Austria, Lukas Plöchl, known from the Trackshittaz duo, was unmasked. The singer did not reach the final in 2012 with Woki mit deim popo and had to leave the line-up as fourth in the show.

In The Netherlands, the second season starts immediately with a dropout from someone who sang at the Eurovision Song Contest: Willeke Alberti. Willeke participated in 1994 with the song Waar is de zon and finished in twenty-third place. In the second season she unfortunately had to be the first to leave the game.

Als je niet wilt weten wie #TheMaskedSinger moest verlaten… scroll dan snel verder. Voor het hele interview met de afvaller kijk je hier: http://r.tl/masked_singer_exit

Geplaatst door RTL op Vrijdag 25 september 2020

In Bulgaria, the second season just started with the a shocking first exit: Poli Genova as the Eyes. Poli took part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, the first time in 2011 with the song Na inat but got stuck in the semifinal. In 2016 she achieved a handsome fourth place with If Love Was A Crime.

In Australia, Isaiah competed as the Wizard. Isaiah represented Australia in 2017 with the song Don’t Come Easy, finishing ninth. As the Wizard, he finished seventh in the second season.

Kate Miller-Heidke also participated in Australia as the Queen. Kate represented Australia in 2019 with the song Zero Gravity, finishing in ninth place. As the Queen, she finished second in the second season.

In South Korea, Dami Im competed as the Statue of Liberty. Dami represented Australia in 2016 with Sound of Silence, finishing in second place. As the Statue of Liberty, she also finished in second place.

In Germany, Max Mutzke competed as the Astronaut. Max represented Germany in 2004 with the song Can’t Wait Until Tonight, finishing in eighth place. With his portrayal as the Astronaut, he was able to convince the German audience and won the first season.

Also in Bulgaria, Zhana Bergendorff competed as the Rose. Zhana was part of Equinox that represented Bulgaria in 2018 with the song Bones and ended in fourteenth place. As the Rose, she finished second in the first season.

In Estonia, Getter Jaani participated as Jonnipunn, a traditional doll from Estonia. Getter represented Estonia in 2011 with the song Rockefeller Street, finishing in 24th place. Very little footage can be found online about this edition, just the reveal:

"Maskis laulja" pühapäeviti kell 19.30 TV3s!

Jonnipunni maski all oli peidus imearmas ja andekas Getter Jaani! 😍 Brigitte pani taaskord oma pakkumisega täppi. Kas ka Sina tundsid Getteri ära? 💛 Tänase saate SUUR GALERII 👉🏽 https://tv3.ee/saade/maskis-laulja/4-saade/Kõiki esitusi näed uuesti SIIT 👉🏽 https://play.tv3.ee/maskis-lauljaPS❗Kindlasti võta osa ka TV3 veebilehel käivast loosimängust! Anna teada, milline tegelane võitis täna Sinu südame ning võida vingeid auhindu. 😉

Geplaatst door TV3 Eesti / TV3 Estonia op Zondag 5 april 2020

In Russia, Lena Katina competed as the Spider. Lena was part of the duo t.A.T.u, which competed in 2003 with the song Ne ver ‘, ne boysia and came third. As the Spider, she finished in seventh place in the first season.

In Portugal, Rita Guerra competed as the Crow. Rita represented Portugal in 2003 with the song Deixa-me sonhar, finishing in twenty-second place. As the Crow, she was more successful because she won the first season. Tap here to see the winning performance.

In France, Natasha St-Pier competed as the Cupcake. Natasha represented France in 2001 with the song Je n’ai que mon âme and finished fourth that year. As the Cupcake, she finished in fifth place in the first season. Fun fact: she was the first ex-contestant to be seen on stage in The Masked Singer. Unfortunately there are no videos of her performances and we can only show you a photo.

In Italy, Al Bano competed as the Lion. Al Bano sang twice together with Romina Power at the Eurovision Song Contest. They finished seventh twice with the songs We’ll Live It All Again in 1976 and Magic O Magic in 1985. As the Lion, he finished in second place in the first season.

Fausto Leali also competed in Italy, as the Monster. Fausto represented Italy in 1989 along with Ana Oxa with the song Avrei voluto and they finished ninth. As the Monster, he finished in fifth place.

Other former contestants in The Masked Singer:

  • The Netherlands – Gerard Joling (ESF 1988) – permanent jury member
  • Germany – Conchita Wurst (ESF 2014) – guest jury member
  • Russia – Sergey Lazarev (ESF 2016 & 2019) – guest jury member
  • Russia – Philip Kirkorov (ESF 1995) – permanent jury member
  • France – Anggun (ESF 2012) – permanent jury member
  • Austria – Nathan Trent (ESF 2017) – permanent jury member
  • Greece – Sakis Rouvas (ESF 2004 & 2009) – host
  • Greece – Eleni Foureira (ESF 2018) – permanent jury member
  • Greece – Tamta (ESF 2019) – permanent jury member
  • Lithuania – Vaidotas Valiukevicius – (ESF 2020) – permanent jury member
  • Latvia – Samanta Tīna (ESF 2020 & 2021) – permanent jury member
  • Belgium – Ingeborg (ESF 1989) – guest jury member
  • Belgium – Laura Tesoro (ESF 2014) – guest jury member
  • Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw (ESF 2015) – permanent jury member