Anouk about Trijntje on the Eurovision: ‘ What the hell?! ’

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Singer Anouk let again. In the Dutch Late Night talk show RTL canned them back on the Eurovision participation by Trijntje Oosterhuis. Anouk was pretty hard for the performance of her colleague. She told presenter Humberto Tan that they totally did not understand where Jodie and her team in Vienna were doing. The chances of Douwe Bob treasure them higher.

Abbas will find Trijntje good has sung in the semifinals, but the presentation found them but nothing. ‘ Suddenly I see Trijntje on the journal in that dress. When I had a moment of young boy, shit say. What the hell, that’s going to be it. If you with such a dress comes, it is no longer to the song. She was also very surprised at the reactions. I think that’s naive, especially if you are there with a dress with a cut-out up to your pubic bone. Then you should not scare that there comments about ‘, says the singer of Birds.

“I have no regrets that Trijntje has chosen my number, but it’s so silly little for her. What the hell was that mourning cloth that they threw away? I understood nothing like. Also the corners in which she filmed I found strange. I do not understand that no one has said anything about it there ‘, she continued.

Finally went the talk also about the next Eurovision participation by Douwe Bob. Anouk: ‘ he is going to do just fine. He has a good voice, good head, is fun to watch. I really think he is going to do great. ‘

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