Conchita Wurst is at odds with Angela Merkel

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Merkel is not open to same-sex marriage and there does the Austrian singer clearly hers.

The German Chancellor did a lot of eyebrows frown when she in an interview with the German Youtuber LeFloid mentioned that according to her marriage is destined only for a man and a woman together. She got a lot of negative comments afterwards to her head.

Also Conchita Wurst, that tolerance and equality of paramount importance, mixes now in the debate. During an interview with the German customers T-Online, the pronunciations of Angela Merkel to top. Wurst is clear do not agree with the opinion of the Federal Chancellor.

Happy people

‘ I do not understand that there are problems about. For the ‘ straight world ‘ is everything the same! Whatever she says, I have a counter argument anyway. The marriage exists only for men and women together because they later have children? What she says than about heterosexual couples who choose to remain childless? I have not met her yet, but I would like to say that marriage is open to everyone for very many happy people will provide ‘, says Conchita Wurst about Merkel’s statements.

It is not the first time that the singer has not understood on the view of a world leader. So she would like to spend a week with Vladimir Putin to better understand his views on homosexuals.